Securing your financial health since 1897

The Catholic Ladies of Columbia is a Fraternal Benefit Society meeting the needs of individuals by providing secure financial products, fellowship and service to others.  Incorporated in Ohio on March 12, 1897, the Catholic Ladies of Columbia is a not-for-profit fraternal life insurance society whose sole purpose is to meet the needs of individuals through a sound life insurance program and competitive financial products while bringing members together in fellowship and service to others.

The Society, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1941, is authorized to sell life insurance, annuities, traditional and Roth IRAs in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan.  CLC boasts over 11,000 active policies.

Members build lifelong friendships, enjoy social activities, enrich their spiritual life and serve their parishes and communities through CLC's system of councils.  The Society has a representative form of government electing its officers and Board of Directors every four years.  CLC hosts annual meetings for all members.

CLC membership is simultaneous with the issuance of a life insurance certificate, annuity or IRA.  Members enjoy numerous fraternal benefits at no additional premium or cost.

Members of CLC log many hours of volunteer service each year in their communities, churches and schools. They are also very generous in their charitable contributions. CLC also participates in "Join Hands Day ". CLC is committed to serving and caring for each other and our neighbors.

Catholic Ladies of Columbia is a member of the American Fraternal Alliance and Ohio Fraternal Alliance.