Life Insurance


Single Premium Whole Life:
One – just one premium – pays for a lifetime of protection. The coverage is permanent for your entire life and there are no additional premiums required.  This is ideal for the member who would like to purchase a legacy gift to protect a loved one or a good choice to use with a small inheritance. 

20 Pay Whole Life:
20 pay whole life plan has great appeal. Many members prefer to have a specified payment period for their whole life insurance.  This policy has the convenience of guaranteed level premiums for those in their working years, with the benefit of knowing once you retire, you’ll have one less bill to pay.

Single Premium Juvenile Term Life (K.I.D.S. Plan):
This is low cost single premium term life insurance which provides valuable protection for children ages 0-25.  This policy offers the valuable benefit of allowing the child to convert their term insurance over to whole life at age 25, without having to prove their insurability.  This means that if your child develops a serious or life threatening condition before age 25, CLC will still issue them insurance of up to $50,000 death benefit.  What an incredible opportunity.

10, 20 and 30 Year Level Term Life Insurance
This type of policy is most often taken out to cover major expenses for younger adults in case of premature death as they are starting their family.  It also offers the most death benefit for the lowest premium.  While usually significantly cheaper than permanent policies, this is a term policy for medium length and temporary needs.  CLC’s 10 year term policy is automatically renewed (at the new age rate) but without evidence of insurability.  We are proud to offer this to our members to ensure their assets are protected.  Both plans have the option to be converted to a whole life plan at any time, up to the age of 75.

New Age Whole Life 
Insures pay premiums during their lifetime, with coverage until age 121.  This policy offers guaranteed level premiums.  Your plan builds cash value over time--allowing you to take a loan if needed during an unplanned life event